Alexander Vasiliev is the ambassador of the Lilia Alexandra Vasiliev brand, fills it with his own sense of understanding of style and status. The unique collections developed by the Maestro in collaboration with the folk arts and crafts, the best masters of Russia, are a chance to announce to the world about the bright, distinctive national style, the de russie style.

The main goal of the Lilies de Russie brand (Lilies de Russie in international status) is enlightenment, preservation of national handicraft traditions, development of a new modern history of arts and crafts, increasing the prestige of Russia as a country rich in unique talents of its craftsmen.

We support the historical craft production of Russia, preserving and transmitting unique technologies from generation to generation, from century to century. Alexander Vasiliev, together with folk crafts, the best masters of the country, creates items at the collectible level, which allows us to rethink and accept the artistic value of the folk crafts themselves, the masters whose work the collections are created. All collections are distinguished by the bright author's view of Alexander Vasiliev, reflect deep knowledge of the history of Russian culture, art, fashion, traditions, which makes the collections truly unique, worthy of becoming your family values.