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Today, Rostov Enamel is a large enterprise that carefully preserves craft traditions. As in antiquity, the factory produces many icons and church items.

Here you can find beautiful, reverently painted icons.

Particular attention is paid to the images of the Savior and the Virgin.

In addition, everyone can order the image of the namesake saint, his heavenly patron, or just the image of a saint, especially revered in Russia (and the icon can be of any size - from the breastplate or cross to the large icon with the life of the saint).

The company produces various types of corporate gifts: these are gifts for the office (stationery, business card holders, table and wall clocks, thermometers, barometers, flash cards, many wall panels - any customer request).

I must say, the exclusive gifts of "Rostov enamel", especially wall panels, are in great demand among customers.


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Rostov Velikiy-center of enamel art of Russia


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