CATALOG 2020/2021

Updated jewelry catalog

The Kaleidoscope collection is a fusion of classic elegance and modern style in jewelry.
A new collection of jewelry is aimed at expanding the assortment manufactured by the Rostov Enamel Factory and at creating a new idea of traditional art craft.
At the heart of the creation of this collection was chosen the concept of decorative painting processing in combination with modern forms of jewelry frames. The craftsmen were inspired by the masterpieces of recognized Russian artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Bakst, Lentulov, Filonov, Bilibin.
The elitist, exclusive character of enamel miniatures is due to the high artistic skill and extremely complex technological process of their manufacture.


Amazing shapes and laconic style - that is what characterizes the collection "Europe".
We looked for inspiration in modern Europe with its traditions, with an exquisite style and futuristic present and created a collection in an individual and unique manner, creatively reworking the most diverse styles of European art. Various color schemes of the image on enamel will allow you to take a fresh look at the jewelry of the Rostov Enamel Factory.

The preservation of the traditions of the Russian style in combination with modern elements pushed us to create the collection "Russian Treasures".
The collection of jewelry is aimed at expanding the range of products, the formation of a new idea of traditional art craft.
In the Foundation for the Creation of the collection, the concept of decorative development of painting was chosen, in combination with modern forms of jewelry frames.


A wide selection of jewelry in the Vintage collection provides you with a great opportunity to pamper yourself or make a gift to a loved one.
We will not hide, the choice will not be easy: we offer a wide selection of various traditional jewelry and each of them is a real song to the glory of jewelry.
Make your life brighter!