Manufacturer's address:

St. Borisoglebskoe shosse 3, Rostov the Great, Russia

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00-17.00, break from  12.00-13.00 
Sales Department: +7 (48536) 7-59-10 / 7-73-73

Shop in Rostov the Great:

Phone: +7 (48536) 7-49-21 
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10.00-18.00 Sun: 10.00-17.00 without a break

Personnel Department: +7 (48536)7-62-13


You can purchase our branded products in any convenient way:

1. In the company stores of the Rostov Finift Factory:

Rostov the Great

Company showroom-shop of the Rostov Enamel Factory
Rostov Veliky, Borisoglebskoe shosse 3, (48536) 7-49-21
Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10.00 to 18.00, Sun from 10.00 to 17.00 (without a break)

Rostov the Great (center)

New branded showroom-shop of the Rostov Enamel Factory
Rostov Veliky, Cathedral Square 5

Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 10.00 to 18.00 (without a break)



Company showroom-shop of the Rostov Enamel Factory, 
in the building of the Jewelry Salon "Diamond" st. Kirova 11, (4852) 72-57-42
Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 20.00 (without a break)


  Saint Petersburg

Company showroom-shop of the Rostov Enamel Factory, 
Ave. Nevsky 94 (Mayakovsky 2), +7 (812) 275-44-29
Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 20.00 (without a break)


  Nizhny Novgorod

Company showroom-shop of the Rostov Enamel Factory, 
st. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya, 9 building B, tel.: +7 (831) 216-10-76
Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 20.00 (without a break)



Company showroom-shop of the Rostov Enamel Factory, 
Sovetskaya st., 18, +7 (4822) 35-90-32
Opening hours: daily from 10.00 to 20.00 (without a break)


2. Ordering jewelry from the catalog of the online store, you can pick up the order in any of the six stores, and delivery to anywhere in Russia is also possible!

For retail customers: You can choose the item you like from the catalog of CJSC Factory Rostov Finift and call or write to the sales department to clarify information about its availability in the company's warehouse.
For wholesale partners:
  The minimum cost of an order for jewelry (wholesale) is 50,000 rubles. The terms of wholesale deliveries can be clarified by phone or write to us in any convenient way.

3. Customized products

production of a product according to the sketch of the customer:
3.1 development of a sketch and its coordination with the customer.

3.2 coordination of drawings, materials, production time and price of the product.

3.3 launch into production, photo report on the work done.

3.4 shipment in any convenient way.

To order the manufacture of jewelry, call or write to us. In the near future, our staff will contact you to clarify the details and confirm that your order has been accepted.

4. At exhibitions (details in the news on our website)

5. In cities where there are shops of our partners.


• delivery of products is carried out in most settlements of the Russian Federation, the ordered goods are delivered by a courier service that has the right to deliver jewelry or by company managers
• terms and cost of delivery in Russia and abroad are negotiated by phone or e-mail when placing an order

Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions, wishes and clarifications to the order!

Return and exchange

Return, exchange, in cases where:

-Received the parcel, and there was not the product that you ordered, immediately inform us, we will make an exchange with shipping at our expense. We kindly ask you to check the parcel in the presence of the courier.

-Received the parcel, and your product was not there, then immediately record this fact with a representative of the courier service and be sure to let us know, we will resolve all issues.

- If you think that the product you purchased turned out to be defective, then you need to contact us with the obligatory indication of defects and photographs, and we will definitely resolve all the issues that have arisen. We also want to remind you that the most legitimate and objective claim will be the one that is accompanied by an independent examination and the conclusion of a certified expert gemologist to evaluate the inserts and their defects.

-After some time, we decided that the piece of jewelry you purchased was not to your liking or did not fit in style, etc. , then we are very sorry, but jewelry of good quality cannot be returned and exchanged according to - “the list of non-food products of good quality that cannot be returned and exchanged for a similar product of other sizes, shapes, dimensions, colors or configurations. Approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. №55"


Beware of fakes!

CJSC "Factory" Rostov Finift "is the official successor of the folk art craft of Rostov painted enamels, which has the exclusive right to the name of the place of origin of the goods" Rostov Finift ", which is confirmed by official documents  Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks. This is a production of a high technological and artistic level, producing guaranteed high-quality products.

The quality of the work of unverified organizations often causes criticism.

  Responsibility for the illegal use of the appellation of origin of goods is regulated by Art. 1537 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the amount of compensation to the right holder from the infringer can reach 5 million rubles.  

Be careful when buying!