The necessary form is cut out of a thin copper sheet, which is forged in a certain way.

Then, on both sides it is covered with milled transparent and white enamel.

The form of the plate has no restrictions and is due only to the imagination of the artist's jeweler.

Firing in a muffle



Thus prepared plate is fired in a muffle furnace at a temperature of 800 ° C.


It turns out a kind of “soil”, “canvas” for the artist’s writing.


The finished plate is able to bring through many centuries the beauty and richness of enamel miniatures.

"Fiery letter"


The surface of the plate in several stages is painted with colored enamels. Each stage of registration has its own professional name.


The first registration is Malevka, where the main colors and elements of the picture are introduced.


The second stage is a dash, here all small elements are crossed out and the picture is saturated with color.


The third, the last is the shade, the final touches, background and shadows are applied to all elements of the picture.

After each stage of painting, firing follows, therefore enamel is also called "Fiery letter".

Thanks to multiple registration, enamel acquires its characteristic qualities: special transparency, radiance and sonority of colors, as if glowing from the inside.

Filigree frame


From the 60s, enamel miniatures began to be made in combination with a scan, scan - this is lace from wire assembled by the patient hands of a master jeweler.

The start of work is preceded by the preparation of wire of various rolled products and sections


Each element of the jewelry pattern is manually twisted and glued to paper, then the entire assembled pattern is sprinkled with silver powder - solder and soldered with a gas burner.


Until today, craftsmen-jewelers create unique frames for icons, interior decorations, and service items at the factory.


The skillful combination of enamel with a frame of openwork, voluminous filigree creates highly artistic products that make it possible to distinguish “Factory” Rostov Enamel “from others.

Cloisonne hot enamel


Along with painted enamel, the factory uses cloisonne, which adorns and emphasizes the scan pattern, giving the product completeness and brightness.


Experimenting with different types of enamels, artists have the opportunity to play with colors and volumes.


Today, this ancient art continues to live on the Rostov land in factory products, being transformed under the influence of time and the requirements of fashion, but retaining the main thing - the soul of the master and the warmth of his hands.


Ag silver

Silver has unique properties: ductility, so one gram can make a wire up to two kilometers long, strength, ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity (the highest electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of all metals), the highest reflectivity. These properties led to the fact that in the twentieth century they began to be massively used in various industries, but in jewelry, it appeared much earlier.
Silver jewelry for more than 6000 years. Since then, silver has been considered a ritual metal. It was compared with hope and wisdom because of its association with moonlight, often the oracles were called “silver tongues”. From here came the famous Eastern proverb, which compares silence with gold, and the word with silver. It was also considered a symbol of prosperity because it was used as metal for making jewelry (albeit to a lesser extent than gold). Silver was also used for the manufacture of objects intended for donations by vow (for example, icons). According to popular beliefs, silver was valued as a metal that protects from evil forces. Although silver was associated with magic and the status of power, it was always very universal. The ductility of this metal allows craftsmen to create many product options: icons, dishes, earrings and rings, etc. For jewelry makers, this is the most accessible metal for experimentation, which, due to its versatility, can adapt to changing trends in jewelry fashion. Silver has a lot of fans, because This metal is attractive for its brilliance and beauty.
The masters of the Rostovskaya finift factory have been connecting this noble metal with hot enamel for more than 100 years, which in itself is a very difficult art. Each subsequent firing in a muffle furnace at 850 degrees, can both reveal all the beauty and bright color of enamel, and so can completely ruin the product. The manufacture of jewelry with hot enamel and enamel is truly a labor-consuming and keeping craft hundreds of secrets.



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